Welcome Back to Season 2!

Greetings, Hoop Heads!

It’s been a loooonnngg off-season.  I feel like I’ve been sitting on the bench for months.  Those who know me know that I got used to sitting on the bench for months during my time on the high school varsity team.  But, nonetheless, I’m itching to get back in the game!!!!  I got my goggles on and my socks pulled up, and I’m ready to hit some set-shots.

Season 1 was good, but that was just a warmup.  Now, in Season 2, we’re taking this to a whole other level.  The goal is complete world domination.  Or, an average of 15 readers per day.  Either one will do.

First, let’s take stock of where we are at the moment.  Needless to say, lots has changed since the last time I wrote. Back then, which was in May, I was the only person I knew who didn’t like LeBron James.  Now, I’ve got plenty of company.  That’s not all that has changed.  As you can see, hoopservations.com has undergone a renovation.  In terms of substance, the postings are now categorized, and a bunch of tags have been added, making it easier for you to find the types of hoopservations you’re in the mood for at any given moment.  In terms of style, well, you gotta admit… the site looks pretty damn fly.  (Do people still use the word “fly,” by the way?  One of my goals for the new season is to build up my street cred, and I can’t afford to play myself out by using the wrong words.)

There’s more.  I added multiple videos, enough that someone who wants to spend hours watching classic basketball highlights can be entertained. Basically, if you want to kill hours doing nothing but thinking about hoops, this is your spot.  And, most importantly, I hired some scantily-clad Hoopservations cheerleaders.  To see a picture, click here: Cheerleader Pic.

Not every change was good, unfortunately.  One of the bad things that happened when I re-built the site was that I lost the comments posted to the old site.  They’re floating in cyberspace somewhere, and I can’t seem to get them back.  Sorry, especially to the people who commented as TigerHeel, JZ, MD in MA, Gil, JT, and Your Momma – you guys were great!  I hope you’ll be back this season.  The flip side of this coin is that, by changing the way I publish the site, I seem to have attracted the attention of lots of new readers.  Welcome, all of you!  Generally, this is a fantastic thing.  The only downside is that some of these, um, readers, post comments that are not always about basketball. To keep all 6 of my regular readers interested, I’m going to be putting non-basketball comments in the “spam” folder.  If you’re one of the “readers” who posts such a comment, just know that it’s nothing personal.  If you want to talk hoops, there’s a very low threshold for getting your comment published.  But, if you want to talk about male enhancement drugs, discount auto insurance, or any of the other things that I’ve been getting dozens of comments about that have nothing to do with basketball, well, I’m going to “spam” you. (If anyone is interested in male enhancement drugs or discount auto insurance, contact me, and I’ll share some of the postings in my “spam” folder with you.)

The site is going to be jumping this season, my friends.  (Get it?  Jumping.)

If you want to stay current, there are a few options: you can sign up for the RSS feed, or join the facebook group.  And, of course, there’s always the old-fashioned option of simply bookmarking the page in your browser.

Wow.  I’m out of breath.  There’s much more to discuss, but I’m not used to spending this much time off the bench.  So, I’m gonna wrap it up for now.  Please check back soon, I’ll be posting a few times this week!

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