Week In Review

I just spent a few hours surfing the ‘net, and I think it’s safe to say that this is the only website on the entire internet that hasn’t mentioned Tiger Woods in the last few weeks. Welcome to the oasis.

Not too much time to put together a “week in review” today, so I’ll stick to the big picture. In the NCAA, Kentucky probably got the biggest win of the week, over North Carolina on Saturday. And it’s nice to see UNLV in the top 25, for no other reason other than that I love to be reminded that THERE IS A UNIVERSITY IN WALKING DISTANCE FROM THE LAS VEGAS STRIP. It always throws me for a loop.

In the NBA, big stories include Greg Oden going down for the season, Iverson returning to the Sixers, the Knicks winning three straight games — yes, the Knicks — and the Lakers continuing their dominance. Other stories to keep an eye on are the return of Chris Paul, and the continuing inability of the Spurs to put together a winning streak. Here are Power Rankings from Sportsline.

Some highlights from the week:
Kobe hits a buzzer beater.
Kidd throws an alley-oop.
Crazy LeBron block.
Another great block.
Marcus Camby (?!) – great pass.

By the way, I’d love to post highlights from college games, but those don’t seem to be as easy to come by on YouTube. If anyone has any pointers, please share ‘em.

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