Week in Review

So, the big rage this week in the world of entertainment is “New Moon,” the new movie in the Twilight series. I haven’t seen the movie, but apparently one of the main characters can turn himself into a wolf. Check out a trailer:


Pretty bad-ass, huh? Well, I think there’s a future for that guy in the NBA if he wants to pursue one. I know he probably made lots of money acting in that movie, so he might not be rushing to play hoops for a living. And, I acknowledge that I’ve never seen him shoot a jumpshot. Whatever. Put that guy on any team, and the team’s defense improves instantly. Imagine him playing in the middle of a 1-3-1 trapping defense. I think the Nets should sign him quickly, before the season gets out of hand.

Now, moving on to the guys who are already playing hoops…
The big story in college hoops this week had to be the Syracuse Orange. They won the Coaches v. Cancer tournament by beating Cal and then pounding North Carolina. The Tar Heels were hurtin’ for certain. According to the rankings, Cal was the 12th best team in the country, and Carolina was the 4th. If those rankings are accurate, then Syracuse should be playing in the NBA. Dick Vitale, who was broadcasting the game, said this is the best Syracuse team he has seen in years. As a Syracuse fan, I would get excited about that kind of comment, if only Dick Vitale didn’t say something like that about 90% of the teams he covers.

The new rankings came out, and the Orange made a huge jump.

In the NBA, a big story is that the Hornets won 3 games in a row without Chris Paul, including wins over the Suns and the Hawks. Darren Collison made a few huge plays during the fourth quarter of the Suns game, and followed it up with 22 points and 11 assists against the Hawks. Props to him.

Power Rankings from ESPN and Sportsline:


A few highlights from the week:
LeBron finishes an alley-oop against Philadelphia.

Josh Smith slams home a game winner against Houston.

JR Smith does a 360 on the Clippers.

Vintage Jason Kidd.

Kobe shoots over the backboard.

James Harden brings the thunder.


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